The Details

So you think we should get together and get some amazing shots of your 4-legged pal?  Great, so do I, and I can’t wait!

I am willing to travel just about anywhere in the Portland-metro area, but if you are reading this and live outside my “hood”, please don’t let that stop you from contacting me as I am sure that we can make something work, you just might have to help me pay for my gas to get to you. :)

While I have developed my own eye for great photos and I will confidently work the shoot, I am always open to new ideas and love taking on the challenge of working a different type of shoot than what I have done before.  So, if you have this super awesome idea in your head but not sure how we could make it work, by gosh, tell me about it. I am sure that we will be able to capture your vision and it will probably go down in the books as my most favorite shoot to date.  So please, pretty, pretty, please, don’t be shy.  Throw your ideas at me and we will get busy with the brainstorming and detail planning.

After a phone call or email from you, and we determined that we are destined to work together, we will start detailing out the specifics, such as where will the shoot take place?  My property (gallery coming soon so you can see the options at my place)?  Your home? Your yard?  A favorite park?  What kind of images do you want?  Action shots?  Family shots? Posed? Or just in the moment while you and your pet are enjoying being with each other?  Oh, and of course, we will set a date and time (I probably should have listed that first, huh?).

Once we have all the details planned out and the day of the shoot arrives, we will spend some time getting acquainted, not necessarily you and me, but more me, my camera and your pet as I want this to be a fun experience for all and I can’t imagine it would be fun if you (the pet in this case) are scared of the stranger with the black thing that she always holds up to her face.  It usually doesn’t take long for your pet and I to become best friends as I usually come with lots of treats and toys (with that in mind, please let me know ahead of time if your pet has any dietary restrictions).

After we are all acquainted, that is when the fun begins.  Lots of laughing, funny noises (usually from me as I try to get your pets attention) and me making a fool of myself while I wriggle and crawl over the ground in order to get “that shot”.

These shoots usually last about two hours, give or take, or whenever your pet  starts to become disengaged and tired as being a super model for a few hours can get very, very tiring.

After the shoot, we will say goodbye and I will go home and spend hours meticulously editing all of the images of our few hours together.  Once I am done, about 2-3 weeks later, I will send you an email link to your personalized, online gallery.  You will have 4 weeks to decide which images and products that you would like to purchase.  Once you make your selection I will review all the images, make final edits if needed (removing leashing, eye goobers, etc) and either save your images to a CD or order you products, depending on what you purchased.  This process usually takes about a week and will not be started until final payment is made.

If the pictures turn out to be everything that you hoped for and even more, I do ask that you will spread the word about me and my camera.  I don’t do any marketing and rely solely on the word of mouth of my clients,  and the best compliment that I could ever receive would be a personal  referral to your friends and family.