How to Clean Horse Hair Brush?

Grooming is one of the essential things to do for the domestic horse. It not only for cleaning and keep your horse looking good but also to keep them healthy. In case you failed to keep your horse clean, it may lead to some severe health issues such as skin rashes, allergies, and various skin diseases. Mainly in the summer season, insects and bugs pester your horse and cause serious skin problems. To avoid such a thing you have to maintain your horse properly. Before and after each ride brush the horse well and remove the unwanted hair from the skin.

If you remove the unwanted hairs and dust particles regularly form the body of the horse, that will make them health and hygiene. The horses will get relax and get rid of the bother of the small insects, bugs, and flies. There are a huge number of grooming products for horses are available on the market. Buy the grooming kit it has some basic material that is used to keep the horse clean.

How to Keep Your Horse Hygiene

How to Clean Horse Hair Brush?

Every grooming product for horses has some special features and all of them are available in online stores also. Consequently, people can buy the grooming kit from anywhere according to their convenience. By grooming your horse every time, you will get to know the more about the body condition of your horse and you will know what is right for it and what to do and not. If you clean your horse using a horse brush that will make them feel good and any insects or buy attached to the horse skin will be eliminated as soon as you brush. That also makes the skin shiny and looks good after every brushing.

Therefore it is the duty and responsibility of the horse owner to keep the horse health and hygiene. Not only the horse but also you should keep the surroundings of the horse to be clean. Among the grooming kit horse brush is the important product to be used regularly to the horse. Hence you should buy the best horse brush for your horses and clean the brush after every use. Possession of the grooming kit product is also a vital thing as well as with cleaning the horse.

Grooming your horse using the brush is the best way to make them comfortable with you. It makes you know more about your horse and frequently do the process. They will become less spooky when you move around them and at the time of cleaning. If you want to ride your horse fast, groom before you start a ride. That will make the horse fresh and helps to enhance their speed than prior ride. Brushing will also help to increase the blood circulation of the horse.

If you decide to buy the brush then first use the grooming kit it will have a set of brushes. Once you use the basis brushes then you find the right one for your horse. When you grooming the horse assure that you are not applying too much pressure of the brush on your horse and if you do so it will hurt the horse. Therefore rub with a brush gently and all make sure that it is not too softer.

Many people make the common mistake of grooming the horse too light that will not give any effect and the dust and insect will not remove completely. The main purpose of using a horse brush is to eradicate the bugs and flies which pester the horse.

How to Maintain Clean Surrounding Around the Horse

How to Clean Horse Hair Brush?

You should keep the surround of the horse also clean and hygiene. If the surroundings clean the automatically your horse will be clean and healthy. There is more chance for the annoyance of insects and flying most probably in dirty places. If the place is clean then there is very little chance for the bugs to pester the horse. Even when the horse is in the stall or outside space, it gets bothered by the small bugs and insects. Hence your horse will be restless and feel tired and also this cause skin problem to the horse. To get rid of this situation you have to safeguard the horse.

There are many grooming kits are available for the horse, buy the best horse brush among them, and utilize it in an effective method. By brushing the horse it tones the skin and makes it to glow that looks beautiful. In the cleaning process, you should follow the vital steps. By using the pick clean the hooves of the horse first and brush the mane and tail regularly. For doing this kind of work first you have to be more patient and then proceed with the steps one by one. You comb and a medium-hard brush to clean all over the body of the horse.

You have to one more things in grooming the horse using various products which are specially made for it. Along with grooming the horse you have to clean the brushes used to clean the horse. Because all the unwanted hairs and dust are cluster into the materials. You should keep cleaning the material which is used to clean the horse. Before and after every ride you must brush the horse to make it more comfortable and which help to protect them from several kinds of skin problem. Rub the dirty brush to clean the used brush and other materials. You have to protect your horse with properly equipped materials.

In grooming horses, some of the important things you have to know and consider about it. Know the methods of cleaning the horse using the brush and the comb. Grooming horse is not that much easy as you think, it is somewhat difficult to handle and maintain the horse. If you have an idea about the grooming horse then know it well before decides to start the process. Protecting and cleaning the horse is the most important things and you should follow it in proper ways.


What Is the Best Horse Riding Helmet?

If you are a beginner in horseback riding, then you need to start with buying all the safety gears before you start to ride on the back of a horse. There are various types of things that you need to do before you can become a full-fledged horseback rider. As you already know that there are many things you need to handle to get the best results when trying out horseback riding. If you want to get the best outcome when trying horseback riding, then you should consider looking for a safety helmet.

By using the helmet when going on a ride will help in protecting your head from any severe injuries. As you already know that it is quite common for a beginner to fall from the horse. The most important thing is that you do not sustain any injuries. To get the best outcome, you have to consider investing in a great quality of horseback riding helmet, which has passed all the safety test. Such things will help you to get the best outcome, and you can enjoy the ride.

What Are the Materials Used for Making the Helmet?

What Is the Best Horse Riding Helmet?

Before you consider investing in any type of horse riding helmet, you should check out the materials used for making the product. It should be made from strong and durable material so that the helmet can be used for a long time. If you are investing in any type of element, then it should offer you a long-lasting and durable performance. So consider this factor before you invest in any type of horse riding helmet.

Some of the Top Choice for the Helmets in the Market?

If you are looking for the top choices of helmets available in the market, then you can surely consider all the options mentioned here. All these have complete safety tested product, so you do not have to worry about any issues when using them. The helmets are available in different size options, so you should consider investing in the best options available for you.

  1. Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet
  2. IRH Equi-Pro Helmet
  3. Ovation Protege Helmet
  4. Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet
  5. Troxel Sport Schooling Helmet

Does It Have a Good Ventilation or Temperature Control Setting?

Check out the ventilation or temperature control system available in the horse riding helmet. If you often ride a horse during summers or warm season, then it can cause a lot of discomforts if there is no ventilation system. That is why you should look for the helmet, which can keep the inside of helmet cool so that you do not face any problems when using it. Such things will surely help in making it convenient for you to use the helmet.

How Good Is the Shock Absorption?

What Is the Best Horse Riding Helmet?

To find the best helmet for horse riding, you should check how good the shock absorption in the helmet is. It is an essential factor if you want to ensure maximum safety when using the horse riding helmet. The shock absorption should be comfortable so that you do not face any issues when you fall from the horse and hit your head to the ground. Make sure there are no problems with the absorption. So you should always find this information before you consider investing in any type of horse riding helmet available on the internet. If you are getting any kind of assurances regarding this feature, then only you should consider investing in the product.

How to Find out about the Quality of the Helmet?

Some people might get confused about all the helmet options available on the internet. If you want to get some kind of assurance regarding the quality of the product, then you should consider reading the reviews of the best helmet for horse riding. It will help in providing you with all the required information about the types of products available in the market. Such things will surely give more details about the horse riding helmet. You can learn whether it is safe to use or not. It will help you to make the right decision about the purchase of a new horse riding helmet.

Get Recommendations from a Professional Rider

When you search for the best helmet for horse riding, then you should always get a recommendation from a professional horse rider. If you know some professionals, then you can directly ask them about the type of horse riding helmet that they use. This way, you can minimise your choices of selection and get the best products available in the market. If you are a fan of a professional horse rider, then you can buy the same type of helmets that they use.

Colour and Design Options for the Helmets

What Is the Best Horse Riding Helmet?

Look at all the colour options when you search for the horse riding helmet in the market. There are so many colour options available in the market as you can surely find something, which looks cool on you. You can find a colour coordination helmet, just like your horse. It will help you to select the best helmet for horse riding and enhance your horse riding experience. You can also check out different types of designs available for the horse riding helmet and use them accordingly. Make sure that you before buying the horse riding helmets from a trusted online store so that you can get the best quality of the product.

If you are in search of the best helmet for horse riding, then all these things will help you with making the right decision. You can simply check out all these things about a horse riding helmet and get information about the best products available in the market. After checking all the things will help you to get the safest helmet that you can use when going for horse riding. These helmets are perfect for beginners and professionals as they are made from the strongest materials. If you still do not have any idea about the type of helmet you should buy, then you can look for a professional horse rider and check which type of helmet they use to buy it an option for yourself.



Only one image for this week’s challenge, but one image was all that I needed to show my take on this week’s theme of “angles”. Probably some of my most favorite images that I have ever taken were taken at the PPOV (pet’s point of view) and this image was no exception. Snapping the image when your camera is down at the pet’s level adds such a different perspective to the image as well as dynamic. We are having a glorious spring this year in NW Oregon and the colors are absolutely wonderful when paired with the setting sun! So I could resist heading out to the pastures and taking some shots of my “girls” from a lower angle.


Curious to know what other “angles” the photographers in this group used? Go check them out by clicking on Raleigh pet photographer, InBetween the Blinks page and then follow the links from there.

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