A very tough challenge this week…the “Self Portrait” that had to include a best friends in it as well. Challenging yes, but a whole lot of fun and I now have a bunch of images that I will treasure forever! Below is the “keeper” that I was striving for. Not to shabby right, huh?

Lisa & Maple_0001

But make sure to keep scrolling down as I included many of the “outtakes” that it took to get the shot above. Haha, this was probably my most favorite 52 Project Challenge yet!  If you look closely, in some of the images, you see a remote in my hand, which is how I captured all these images (in case you were wondering).

Lisa & Maple_0002Lisa & Maple_0003Lisa & Maple_0004Lisa & Maple_0005Lisa & Maple_0006Lisa & Maple_0007Lisa & Maple_0008Lisa & Maple_0009Lisa & Maple_0010Lisa & Maple_0011Lisa & Maple_0012Lisa & Maple_0013Lisa & Maple_0014Lisa & Maple_0015Lisa & Maple_0016Lisa & Maple_0017

I hope that the last couple of images gave you a good laugh, Leo is such a goof and the last two pictures summed him up perfectly! You have to make sure to go check out the other photographers “selfies” I bet a lot of them are pretty hilarious too! Start with heading over to Khanya Photography, Hudson Valley NY  and then make sure to follow the rest of the links around till you get back to my happy mug. Happy Friday!



Oh what fun this session was! Snuggs and Ruby were an absolute dream to work with and they both had larger than life personalities. We met at Cathedral Park and took full advantage of the amazing architecture and beautiful river. This was one of my first sessions of the year, back in January and I remember thinking that if this session was a forecast of what this year is going to be like for me…then it is going to be one heck of a year. And so far, I am happy to report that it has been a marvelous year and we aren’t even into the beautiful summer and fall months yet.  🙂  Bring it on!

Snuggs & Ruby_0015Snuggs & Ruby_0016Snuggs & Ruby_0017Snuggs & Ruby_0018Snuggs & Ruby_0019Snuggs & Ruby_0020Snuggs & Ruby_0021Snuggs & Ruby_0022Snuggs & Ruby_0023Snuggs & Ruby_0024Snuggs & Ruby_0025Snuggs & Ruby_0026Snuggs & Ruby_0027Snuggs & Ruby_0028Snuggs & Ruby_0029Snuggs & Ruby_0030Snuggs & Ruby_0031



What a wonderful session I had with Maple and her Mom, Lisa. This lovely duo came out to my place for their session and while we weren’t able to move any where fast due to Maple always wanting to make snacks out of the grass, we were able to go to some of my favorite spots on the property and take advantage of some gorgeous evening light and beautiful flowers.

Maple and Lisa are also a Pet Partners therapy team and make regular visits to several different types of facilities. I love seeing dog and their owners taking the time to make the day just a little bit better for someone else. These two are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and it was an absolute pleasure to work with both of them!

Lisa & Maple_0001Lisa & Maple_0002Lisa & Maple_0003Lisa & Maple_0004Lisa & Maple_0005Lisa & Maple_0006Lisa & Maple_0007Lisa & Maple_0008Lisa & Maple_0009Lisa & Maple_0010Lisa & Maple_0011Lisa & Maple_0012Lisa & Maple_0013

52 Project, Dogs


I love the looks on Leo’s face in this image as the snow was up to his belly and he really had to concentrate and work to get through it. But it didn’t take him long to figure out that if he walked directly behind Lucas, and stepped in his big ole’ foot steps, that the going was a lot easier. I also love this image because it shows just how great the size different of dogs are in our house.:)

Leo in snow-1

Next stop, go on over and see how Spotty Nose Pet Photography showed off their tails.

52 Project, Dogs


Blog 3

This is going to be a pretty unique blog circle as there are limitless possibilities as to what the photographers will choose to showcase, so I hope you enjoy them. Start by checking out Barking Lab Studio, Princeton New Jersey dog photography.

52 Project, Dogs


I almost missed participating in this week’s challenge due to the crazy, rainy weather we have had this week. But I caught a lucky, rain free, break right before it got dark, so I was all for grabbing the camera and taking advantage.

Lucas isn’t one to run much as it is just too much work, but when he does, it is hilarious as something that big, really shouldn’t be able to move that fast. I also forgot how goofy his facial expression are when he runs, it isn’t very noticeable in person, but the camera catches the effects that gravity has on his face very well!:)Enjoy!

Lucas Action-2
Lucas Action-7

Now head on over to Petlense Photography and see what action shots Lina captures this week.  Happy Friday!



I am still trying to catch up on blogging some sessions from last fall. Belle Blue and Otis were quite a pair and just full of personality. As you can see, Otis has a thing for Frisbees and Belle Blue was true to her Coonhound ways and did not like to take her nose off of the ground. They both were a blast to work with and I loved the foggy atmosphere as it created a fun element to the session as well.


 Cats , Dogs


And yet another session from last fall and what do you know, it was foggy again, I think there was several weeks that Portland just lived in a fog, some days were so bad that I had to actually reschedule some sessions. The joys of being a natural light photographer with no studio.

But despite the fog, Bella and Loui were a delight to work with as we went on a walk to their favorite park and then came back to the house to capture some of their morning routine. We were also graced with the presence of the resident cat, Suki, who wasn’t too sure of me until we brought out the cat toys covered in catnip spray and then it was game over.

I am such a sucker for this grey faced duo.




Our challenge this week was to shoot as wide as possible and try to get as much landscape into the image as we could. This was a great challenge for me as I tend to shoot really  close to my subject  so I can get all the detail and emotion of the pet. But sometimes there will be just as much detail and emotional if you take a few steps back and capture both the pet and their surrounding environment. Good reminder for me.:)


Up next is the Greater Cincinnati photographer, Carol Locey Photography, go check out how she incorporated “wide” into her images. Happy Friday!

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