52 Project

52 Project, Dogs


I love the looks on Leo’s face in this image as the snow was up to his belly and he really had to concentrate and work to get through it. But it didn’t take him long to figure out that if he walked directly behind Lucas, and stepped in his big ole’ foot steps, that the going was a lot easier. I also love this image because it shows just how great the size different of dogs are in our house.:)

Leo in snow-1

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52 Project, Dogs


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This is going to be a pretty unique blog circle as there are limitless possibilities as to what the photographers will choose to showcase, so I hope you enjoy them. Start by checking out Barking Lab Studio, Princeton New Jersey dog photography.

52 Project, Dogs


I almost missed participating in this week’s challenge due to the crazy, rainy weather we have had this week. But I caught a lucky, rain free, break right before it got dark, so I was all for grabbing the camera and taking advantage.

Lucas isn’t one to run much as it is just too much work, but when he does, it is hilarious as something that big, really shouldn’t be able to move that fast. I also forgot how goofy his facial expression are when he runs, it isn’t very noticeable in person, but the camera catches the effects that gravity has on his face very well!:)Enjoy!

Lucas Action-2
Lucas Action-7

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52 Project


I’m BAAACCCKKKK! Haha, I had several crazy weeks with not a lot of time in front of the computer and I was so bummed that I wasn’t able to participate in these weekly projects. But I am back in the groove and ready to pick them up again. This week’s theme, “Repetition” was probably the most difficult challenge yet as I really had no idea what to do…so I just tried to think of what either I do with my dogs or what my dogs do themselves, that is very repetitious. Well it didn’t take much time before I started thinking about the breakfast and dinner routine in our house, it is the exact same thing, every single day. And, as I am sure you can all attest to, even though dogs do not know how to tell time, they definitely know when it time for their breakfast and dinner and they will not let me sleep in or do anything else in the evenings until they get fed. They know exactly what bowl is theirs and where they need to be in order to get their food. Lucas obviously gets a lot more food than the other two, so they are always done before him, but they know that they can’t touch his food, so they just sit there like vultures, hoping that he might drop a piece on the floor, because those are fair game.

Every single day, twice a day, this is what we do, “repetition” at it’s finest!


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