Hi!  My name is Jayme.  Jayme Dodrill. I’m a photographer and pet fanatic, so I guess you could say I am a pet photographer.  And this is me in a nut shell:

I live in a small town called Estacada, right outside of Portland, Oregon.  I drink way too much coffee and don’t get nearly enough sleep.  I have daily conversations with my dogs and sometimes I think they understand me better than most people.  I love the color blue, but since I am an Oregon State Beaver fan, I guess I have to like the color orange as well.  I actually don’t mind all the rain we get here and I don’t fare too well when I get really cold.  I got my first horse when I was 12 and still have her today 20 years later (can you guess how old I am?).  I absolutely love country music and blame that on being raised in a small hick town that every country song references.  I wish there were more hours in the day so I could still play soccer as much as I did in college. I hate wearing make-up and over the last couple of years I have lost all sense of what style is.  The master of my house is a small, 7 lb, partially blind kitty, who bosses the dogs around and makes sure she always gets fed first.  I am absolutely obsessed with the TV series Criminal Minds and will probably have to fight off depression when the show no longer is aired.  I have really bad luck with dogs and vet bills as I have spent more on surgeries for my dogs than my college education.  The greatest compliment that anyone could ever give me is telling me that I captured an image of their pet that they will cherish forever.  I really want to win Powerball so I can buy a million acres somewhere and build a sanctuary for all those pets who don’t have a home.  I will never win Powerball so I dedicate much of my time taking pictures of family-less pets in hopes that I can help their family find them (I still want to win Powerball though).  I HATE packing for overnight trips, it stresses me out and as a result, I always pack quadruple the amount of clothes that I really need.  My favorite time to take pictures is either really early in the morning or at dusk.  The lighting at these hours rocks my world.  I have horrible posture when I sit and edit pictures and my favorite time of year is the late summer.  I first became animal crazed when my Mom took me to my first petting zoo at the age of 3, it was an uphill battle for them ever since as they started to run out of excuses for why I couldn’t keep all the dogs and cats that I kept bringing home. My most favorite running partner was my childhood Golden Retriever named Sisco, there wasn’t a road we hadn’t run on in our small town.  I am OCD with keeping my house clean, (which is slowly driving me crazy as I share it with a 150 lb, slobbery, hairy beast known as a St. Bernard) yet my car is disgusting all the time?  That I will never understand.  I am my own worst critic and sometimes forget that I am not super woman and can’t stay on full throttle-turbo mode 7 days a week.  I hate chocolate and don’t know how to hold a baby.  I can’t cook or bake and I don’t really want to learn.  I held out as long as I could…but now that I have an iphone, I could never live without it.  I have tried several times to eat a grain/carb free diet, but saying no to spaghetti will always be a losing battle.  I love taking pictures of my pets and your pets and I have a pretty good knack at capturing the pet’s personalities in my images.  I often take on too much and have trouble saying “no”, but what fun would this world be if we were all perfect?  I think Pit Bulls make the most wonderful pets and there will never be a time that I don’t have one in my family.  I am just as much of an horse crazy woman as I was a horse crazy girl and know that there will never be a day that I don’t have a little bit of hay in my pockets.  I am left handed when I write, but will shoot a basketball with my right.  I try to live in the moment and take one day at a time.  Not worry about the future or dwell on the past.  I am off the chart, Type A personality and consider it both a blessing and a curse.  I love bananas but hate banana flavoring and would happily choose a lazy “staycation” at home with the dogs over a lavish vacation around the world.

Well there you have it…me in a nutshell, well maybe something a little bigger…me in a bucket.

Lisa & Maple_0001


And now to introduce you to the beings that I share my home and life with!

Jules – I affectionately call Jules my “first born” as she has been my best friend and partner in crime for almost 11 years now.  She has been there with me through some of my biggest heartbreaks as well as danced circle’s in the kitchen with me while I celebrated my wins.  She is my shadow and has a personality that is larger than life. Her adorable face is why I got into pet photography in the first place as I couldn’t resist taking pictures of her all the time!

Lucas – This guy truly is a gentle giant with a heart as big as his head.  He is one laid back dude and he is happy with life as long as his has food in his belly (and we are talking a whole lot of food) and daily cuddle sessions on the couch.  Lucas reminds me to slow down and take pleasure in the simple things in life, like a guzzling the whole bowl of water as soon as Mom fills it up and taking naps on the cold bathroom floor.

Leo – Oh boy, if only I knew how our world would change when Leo entered it.  Leo wasn’t planned, not in the least, as my perfect “pack” of two was all that I needed.  But then came Leo, the sweetest and most innocent looking foster puppy you have ever seen.  Jules and Lucas took to him the very first night and even though I denied it for several months, we all knew that Leo was meant to be apart of the Dodrill family and so he stayed.  But don’t let his small 30 lb frame fool you as it did us…this dog has energy steaming out of his ears.  I swear that my one and only mission each day is to “wear Leo out” so I can actually get some work done.  We had a nice and easy going life until Hurricane Leo came in…but he keeps us on our toes and has me bent over laughing multiples times a day with his silly antics and now that I think about it, life was kind of boring without this guy in it.

Charm – As already mentioned, Charm was my dream come true as a child.  From the first time I could recognize what a horse was, I was in love, no, I think obsessed is actually a better word.  Every single part of me yearned to some day have my own horse…and it finally came true for my 12th birthday.  Charm taught me so much about responsibility, patience, dedication, working towards your goals and putting another’s needs before yous.  This mare had a huge part in making me the person that I am today and I will forever be indebted to her for that.  Charm and I have been together for 20 years now and while we may not ride as much or as far as we use too, she still makes my heart skip a beat when she nickers at me when I walk into the barn.

Parsett – This sweet girl is Charm’s daughter but most people think they are actual twins.  She wasn’t suppose to stay with me…but after helping deliver her when she got stuck during birth and doing all of her training, by the time she was ready to go to a new home, I was just too attached to her and couldn’t let her go. Now 15 years later, she is still by her mom’s and my side and both of us couldn’t be happier.

Mia – Last, but definitely not least, is a little naughty kitty.  This girl gets into more trouble than all 4 of the other “kids” combined and she makes it her mission to keep myself and the dogs in line and following her house rules which are:

1. What Mia wants to eat, she will eat, even if you are trying to eat it yourself.

2. Mia will not be disturb, for any reason, when she lays down for a nap, even if she is using your arm as a pillow when you are trying to work.

3.  When Mia wants you to wake up, you must wake up.  If not, ninja kitty appears.