A very tough challenge this week…the “Self Portrait” that had to include a best friends in it as well. Challenging yes, but a whole lot of fun and I now have a bunch of images that I will treasure forever! Below is the “keeper” that I was striving for. Not to shabby right, huh?

Lisa & Maple_0001

But make sure to keep scrolling down as I included many of the “outtakes” that it took to get the shot above. Haha, this was probably my most favorite 52 Project Challenge yet!  If you look closely, in some of the images, you see a remote in my hand, which is how I captured all these images (in case you were wondering).

Lisa & Maple_0002Lisa & Maple_0003Lisa & Maple_0004Lisa & Maple_0005Lisa & Maple_0006Lisa & Maple_0007Lisa & Maple_0008Lisa & Maple_0009Lisa & Maple_0010Lisa & Maple_0011Lisa & Maple_0012Lisa & Maple_0013Lisa & Maple_0014Lisa & Maple_0015Lisa & Maple_0016Lisa & Maple_0017

I hope that the last couple of images gave you a good laugh, Leo is such a goof and the last two pictures summed him up perfectly! You have to make sure to go check out the other photographers “selfies” I bet a lot of them are pretty hilarious too! Start with heading over to Khanya Photography, Hudson Valley NY  and then make sure to follow the rest of the links around till you get back to my happy mug. Happy Friday!